Friday, August 10

sees candies=heavenly

Anyone who knows me knows that I am positively addicted to Sees candies (actually, most any high quality chocolate is my true love). I C-R-A-V-E it most of the time. I just looked in my wallet today and saw that I have a wonderfully delicious gift certificate for a 1 lb. box of chocolates that I forgot I had. Forget you say? I know, I can't believe I forgot either. I can hardly contain myself. Thanks mom.

Let me just give you a sample of my favs over there at the local Sees store:

Anything dark. This would do.

Marshmints are awesome, but special order only.

Awesome Nut and Chew bar. Named appropriately.

And maybe throw in a little of this.

and these.


note: sorry about the distorted images. I did my best to correct that.

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